Fashion shows organization

Deichmann - Tasteful Spring

Deichmann started the spring season in the magnificent setting of The Grand Mark's winter garden in Prague. The guests received a full update on the new collection and experienced unforgettable gourmet food in the form of a spring lunch menu. The flowery spring decorations were enjoyable and we liked the exhibition of the collection in grass and playful flowers as well as peacocks passing through the outdoor garden of the hotel. In Slovakia, a presentation of the Deichmann spring and summer collection took place in the design areas of the restaurant Ministerstvo pohody (Ministry of Well-being), where Slovak media representatives enjoyed true spring comfort.

Takko - Garden party

Like being with my grandmother ... A picnic in the garden ... I found my oasis of calm in the centre of the city ... That was exactly what the guests felt when they they came to the Takko event. The choice of location was clear - to find places in the centre of Prague and Bratislava away from the hubbub of daily life and where nature is breath taking. We rented the Prague Styl & Interier Café and the Au Café in Bratislava. The scenic spaces of the café and the beautiful gardens allowed us to fill guests with the sense of a garden party. The pleasant atmosphere was increased by the presence of illustrators who created guests` portraits. At the event we introduced the Takko autumn collection and the guests, in addition to gifts from this German brand and their own portraits, also got a gift from the "grandmother" - red currant wine and a small home-made cake.


Cellbes - Bloom with Us

A woman is beautiful because of her happy inner soul but also because of her gorgeous clothes. And one hour's relaxation helps to induce inner satisfaction. Therefore, we organized an event for the Swedish Cellbes brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in a spa. Guests could forget about the worries of everyday life and enjoy a moment just for themselves. They could choose from a variety of massages, rituals, skin care or hand and foot care. Afterwards we turned the relaxation room into a showroom where guests could see the new Cellbes collection.

Deichmann - Because Your Legs Deserve Care

Summer is not only the sun, the holidays and the seaside, but also open summer shoes. Therefore, we prepared a luxurious pedicure for representatives of the Czech and Slovak fashion media. After pedicure pampering, guests received a small snack and our presentation of the Deichmann summer collection of shoes and handbags. In Slovakia, the guests were also invited to try henna tattoos. After a pedicure it is fun to slip into your new Deichmann sandals. :-)

Deichmann - Enjoy The Best

The purpose of the spring lunch was to give guests the opportunity to enjoy Deichmann's latest collection while also tasting selected delicacies. For the Czech event we chose the picturesque Grand Cru restaurant in Prague and for the Slovak event we chose the Parliament restaurant with a breath-taking view of Bratislava. A delicious menu, floral decorations in the form of flower handbags, and a presentation of the latest Deichmann products were waiting for guests. The central theme of the season was the collection of footwear by British singer Ellie Goulding which she launched in collaboration with Deichmann. 


F&F - Autumn in Summer

To be contrary, we presented the autumn collection at the beginning of summer. In order to link the current weather to winter, we chose the restaurant Prosekárna. It is always pleasant to sit in the garden in summer with a sparkling drink. Bottles of Prosecco were used for the collection presentation and they served as tailor’s dummies for the presentation of caps, shawls or eyelets. We prepared branded Prosecco bottles for our guests as a present as well as cupcakes wrapped in a romantic paper lanterns and F&F gifts.


F&F - Spring in Winter

As the F&F client logo is black and white, we decided to choose the Bianco e Nero restaurant for the collection presentation. Although it was freezing outside, the purpose of the event was to create a spring atmosphere and introduce the spring/summer collection. We chose coloured pompoms and the flower wall for decoration and the guests received not only gifts but also branded F&F floral bracelets.

Deichmann - Come to the water with us

"Come to the water with us" - was the motto of the Deichmann press conference, which aimed to introduce media representatives to the latest trends in footwear for spring / summer 2015. Given the theme of the event we chose Prague jazz harbor ‘Jazz Dock’ as the location, which looked as if it was floating on the Vltava river. Hostesses were dressed in lifeguard costumes including a float to prevent any guests drowning in the river :-). We also arranged for a thematic photo corner styled in a beach theme. We used pebbles, shells, palm trees, retro chairs, life rings and umbrellas.  The show was inspired by the themes of fairies dancing on the water. Dancers were wearing "fairy" costumes and accompanied by a grand piano they presented 20 pairs of shoes and different handbags from the Deichmann collection for spring / summer 2015. We adjusted food thematically so that guests could enjoy refreshing summer treats including several types of refreshing homemade lemonade. The topic of water flowed through the whole concept of the event.

Candy bar Takko

Our client Takko has recently presented its new Spring/Summer 2015 collection which is full of pastel, „sweet“ colors and shiny colorful shades.

We decided to carry out such an event with the motto: Takko collection for the upcoming season is as sweet as a visit in a confectionery. We chose Prague’s famous sweet-shop Myšák for the Czech part of Takko presentation. For Slovak part we found also a very special place – cafeteria Au Café in Bratislava. Everything was adjusted in a “sweet” style. Invitation cards were wrapped in pink envelops, we managed the sweet catering and candy bar (macrons, cupcakes, cake pops, macron pops), bought doses, candies, pink tablecloths and pink crepe paper for the candy bar and arranged the production of pompons in pastel shades. We also bought pink balloons and arranged the flower decorations of the places. The flowers were decorated into the shapes of cakes. We included the jewellery of the Takko collection for Spring/Summer 2015 into the candy bar. We decorated the jewellery so it all looked like the sweets and candies.

At Prague event we had special VIP guests – model Jitka Válková and 2. Mister International 2011 Martin Gardavský. Both of them demonstrated the Takko Clothes and Accessories. The main star though was the Czech famous singer Tereza Kerndlová, who has tender and sweet girlish look.

For the Slovakian part of the event we chose singer Zuzana Smatanová, who is actually at the top of the Slovakian music scene. The event was very successful and both Czech and Slovakian journalists really appreciated it.

A cake in Takko colors with dress and handbag motives.
Flowers in a shape of cakes.
Famous Slovakian singer Zuzana Smatanová sang at the Slovakian Takko presentation.
Hostesses wore thematic sweet costumes.
Sweet Takko event - candy bar, pompons, pink balloons...
Macron pops
A lot of media representatives attended press conference in Bratislava
Takko collection SS 2015
Takko collection SS 2015
Takko collection SS 2015
Candy bar
Sweet catering - cupcakes
Cookies in a shape of dress
Jitka Válková (Czech Queen of Beauty 2010) was a star of Takko event in Prague
Candy bar in Myšák confectionery
Singer Tereza Kerndlová sang at Prague Takko presentation
Takko Hawaiian party

In November 2013 our client Takko presented the collection spring/summer 2014. The task for us was simple – make the promotion in summer style. We decided to do the whole event in the tropical Hawaiian style. The event was held in Bratislava Sky Bar with the wonderful view of the city. We brought in the pebble stones and made the path out of them leading from the entrance to the bar on the 7th floor where the event took place. We managed the living palms and orchids to be brought in there too. We decorated the ceiling with the orchids and put the blossoms on the bar – among them we laid the accessories from the Takko spring/summer collection. Catering too was in the tropical like style – the drinks, meals and the desserts. Hostesses were wearing Hawaiian dancers costumes and had flowers in their hair. All the guests were welcomed with the Hawaiian wreaths. A famous Slovak singer Zdenka Predná also dressed in Hawaiian, performed at the event with the band playing on ukulele and percussion. Both – the show of Zdenka Predná and the spring/summer Takko collection were very successful and positively accepted by the guests.

Hostesses in Hawaiian costumes.
The guests got Hawaiian wreath as a welcome gift.
Performance of the famous Slovakian singer Zdenka Predná.
Fashion show Takko S
10th anniversary of Takko brand on the Czech market

In October 2013 the Takko Fashion brand celebrated its 10th anniversary on the Czech market. We were asked to hold the birthday celebration for the media representatives.

Instead of the birthday cake we decided to manage the cupcakes named Takko Fashion. The hostesses were wearing the cupcake costumes. Even though the cupcake hat was not easy to wear the hostesses made it very well. As a perfect location for such an event seemed the Aureole restaurant in the highest Prague building City Tower. The ground floor, lift and the whole restaurant were decorated with the Takko fashion balloons. Hostesses were welcoming the visitors in the gate made out of such balloons. The Takko company chose as the face of this event and the fashion show model Eliška Bučková. It was Takko who celebrated the birthday, but the guests got the presents. At the end of an event every guest got the gift bag with the Takko product.

Model Eliška Bučková
Goodie bags by Takko
Takko cupcakes
Hostess in a cupcake costume
Takko S
Cosmic Takko fashion show

Takko Fashion company wished to present the new Takko collection to the Slovak media. Takko has demanded an unusual location and an interesting event.

We approached the event in a cosmic-like style. We got the hostesses cosmic theme costumes. Catering was meant as a molecular cuisine and we placed the event in a famous Bratislava restaurant UFO.

Slovak singer Kristina sang at the event and the fashion show presented the newest trends of Takko Fashion brand.

Hostesses wore cosmic theme costumes.
Famous Slovakian singer Kristina.
Molecular welcome drink
Esprit tropical storm

Esprit – another fashion brand client, decided to promote its spring/summer 2013 collection in its shop in Harfa Galery Shopping Mall.

We chose the tropical-like style for that event. Hostesses wore the Hawaiian costumes, at the entrance was besides the welcome drink served a „vitamin bomb“ (fresh oranges with Esprit logo).

There was a tropical photo corner for the guests, catering was also in the tropical style. Tropical spirit full of rhythm and dance figures was also felt in the fashion show. The dance floor was lined by pebble stones. The dancers lead by Radek Fišer (Czech musicals star) presented the collection of spring/summer2013 in a dancing spirit.

First part of the event was meant just for the Esprit VIP clients and the media representatives. The other part – on the catwalk in front of the Esprit shop, was opened to the public and the shopping mall visitors.

Fashion show in a dancing style
Dancing fashion show.
Esprit tropical storm in Galerie Harfa, Prague.
Deichmann - Up to the clouds

For media representatives, we prepared an unforgettable gastronomic experience based on the motto: Take us to the clouds. We rented the Oblaca restaurant in Žižkov tower (and in the Slovak Republic the UFO restaurant) and the exhibition of the shoe collection was arranged on a beautiful decorative table. We had flower decorations in the colors of the Deichmann logo in the shape of shoes, and after the presentation of current shoe trends, the guests enjoyed delicious specialties in the clouds.


Black & White party for Takko Collection

How chic! White And Black PR prepared a Black & White party. :-) To introduce the new Takko collection, we used the following theme: Fashion from Takko is not just black and white. The event took place in two cities (Bratislava - Design Factory, Prague - NOD). Every detail was designed in black and white, from the welcome drinks (White Russian, Black Russian, blueberry and lychee lemonade), through branded cupcakes (black and white chocolate), display board with black and white photographs of Takko in life-size, white balloons decorated with black tulle right up to the trends presented at the show. One of the collection presented during the event was themed by using outfits purely in black and white variations. During the gala media evening, Czech singer Olga Lounová and the Slovak singing duo Twiins performed; all dressed in in black-and-white outfits. Twiins and Olga Lounová were not the only familiar faces at the event. The Czech show was also attended by Miss Czech Republic 2009, Aneta Vignerová and Miss Czech Republic 2008 finalist Kateřina Šonková. The Slovak show starred Miss Slovak Republic 2016 Kristina Činčurová.


Deichmann event - Shoes That Go With The Times

The presentation of autumn trends by Deichmann tried to be original. We wrote a rhyming play Shoes That Go With the Times.  Scenes took place in 5 different epochs (Prehistory, Middle Ages, 20’s, 80’s, present) and the major role was played by shoes from Deichmann. Actors during each scene changed into different pairs of shoes related to the script.